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Getting Started with White Label

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How to Setup WhiteLabel Access for SociCake


The first thing you are to do is to set up a CNAME record to point your domain to account.socicake.com… If you are buying a new domain name for your white-label setup, don’t bother hosting it.  you can create a CNAME record and point the domain name to Socicake from the domain settings(contact your domain registrar for support if you don’t know how it’s done). If your domain name is hosted already, It creates an A record by default(for most hosting), so you would have to edit it, change it to CNAME record and point to socicake.

In this tutorial, we will be using cpanel to set up a CNAME Record.

Step 1: Login to your website Cpanel then scroll down to Domain and Click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor

If you have more than one domain, choose the domain you want to edit the DNS for.

Step 2: Scroll down to ‘Add a Record’

Click the drop-down menu under Type, and choose CNAME.

In the ‘Name’ field of this section, type the name of your chosen subdomain. For example, if you picked account.mydomain.com as your custom domain, enter account here. Or, if you’re using a root domain such as www.mydomain.com then you’ll want to enter www here. cPanel automatically fills in the rest of your URL;

In the ‘CNAME‘ field, type account.socicake.com. 

TTL Field, type 900… Then Click Add Record



Step 1: Login to your SociCake account, Click on Members then select WhiteLabel




Step 2: On your white-label dashboard, Click on the Settings tab, Select General Settings.


Step 3: Under Site name, you enter the name of your brand. Then under Cname, you enter the URL you earlier pointed to account.socicake.com… this will be the login URL for your white-label account.

Choose your preferred theme and text color, upload your Logo and Favicon and Click SAVE.



Click on the link below to learn how to setup a welcome notification email that goes out to users whenever you create a new user account.


Click here to learn how to setup your Facebook App and submit it to Facebook for Review

Section 5: NavBar LINK SETTINGS

Step 1: Click Settings, select Navbar Link Settings

Step 2: 
Click Add New Link to add your own Navbar links like Support,  Knowledge Base, Video Tutorial etc.


Step 3: Enter Label name, URL, select open in new tab or same tab and then click Save



Step 1: Click Add User on your dashboard. On the form pop up, enter the user details, toggle the account status button ON to activate the account, then Select subscription plan… And click the Create Button.



Section 7: How to Set Up Payment Processor.

On the settings tab, click on webhook settings. You have 3 payment processors in there – JVZoo, Paypal & ThriveCart… Select any of them and continue with the setup process.


Assuming we are working with JVZoo… You login to your JVZoo account, On the top bar menu, Click on My Account, then click on My account again.



Click on edit JVZIPN Secret Key under vendor information. Click to Generate Key, then copy the JVZIPN Secret Key and Save.




Paste the JVZIPN Secret Key inside SociCake and then click Generate Url

Create a product inside your JVzoo dashboard or Click Here for a step by step Guide on how to create a product in JVzoo

After creating the product in your JVzoo account, use the links in the SociCake Webhook for your Jvzoo buttons. The links are for Lifetime & Monthly Plan, so you insert the link to the  accurate button on JVZoo.

If you are using Paypal as payment processor, Here’s how to set it up; Click on Generate URL to generate PayPal IPN URL


Step 2: After Generating the PayPal IPN URL in SociCake, use the links in the SociCake webhook for your PayPal Buy buttons.


For Thrive Cart Setup, Please follow the steps below to get Secret word from Thrive cart;

A: Click on the settings button in your Thrivecart account.

B: Click on the view button in API & Webhooks.

C: Click on the view settings button in the Thrivecart API.

D: You will find a secret word here.



E: Copy and Paste the Thrivecart IPN into SociCake, Click on Generate URL to generate PayPal IPN URL

F: After Generating the Thrivecart IPN URL in SociCake, use the links in the SociCake webhook for your ThriveCart Buy buttons. There is lifetime and Monthly so insert the links in the Buy buttons.



Good news: Now You Can Sit Back & Relax While Our Team of Experts Take Care of Your White Label Setup & Facebook App Submission.

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