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How to Setup Facebook App & Submission

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Good news: Now You Can Sit Back & Relax While Our Team of Experts Take Care of Your White Label Setup & Facebook App Submission.

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If you don’t want to use the DFY service, then you can do it yourself. We have taken time document the entire process.


Step 1: Visit https://developers.facebook.com/, click on My Apps and then click add new app


Step 2: Enter App Display Name and then click on create App Id



Step 3: On the sidebar, click on Settings, then select Basic. Copy App ID & App Secret, take it to your Socicake account, under the Facebook settings and paste in the appropriate fields, toggle the status button On and Save.


Step 4: Scroll down the Facebook Settings page, copy the App domain, Privacy Policy URL & Terms of Service URL, go back to the Facebook developer account and Paste them.

Upload your logo and select a category(any category is fine). Under Business use, select the first option, then Save Changes

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, Click to Add Platform, Select Website. Go back to Facebook settings in Socicake and copy the Site URL, then paste it here.
Step 6: On the sidebar panel, Click on the dashboard. Scroll down to Add a Product, and click on Setup under Facebook login.
Step 7:  Select Web, enter your Site URL and save
Step 8: Go back to Dashboard, Scroll down to Products and Click to Setup Messenger.  On the next page, Scroll down to Webhooks, then Click Setup Webhook
Step 9: Go to your Socicake account, Copy Callback URL & Verify Token then Paste inside Facebook… On the subscription Fields, Select Messages, Messaging_postbacks, Messaging_optins, Messaging_referrals, Then Verify & Save.

Step 10: Go to your Socicake account and copy Valid OAuth Redirect URLs individually


Step 11:  On the sidebar of your Facebook developers account, Click on Facebook Login, then Click Settings… Scroll down to Valid OAuth Redirect URLs and Paste them Individually… then Save Changes
Step 12: Click on Roles, then Click Test Users. 

Step 13: Under Test Users, Click on Add then Create 3 test users account.

Step 14: Click on Edit for each of the Test User accounts, Change name & Password and Save.


Step 15: Click on Settings and then select advance.
Step 16: Select a business manager account for your App and then click on Save changes…If you don’t already have a business manager account, Go to business.Facebook.com and Create an account.

Step 17: Click on Settings again, Click Advanced and Scroll down to Business Manager, then Click Configure in Business Manager.


Step 18: Scroll down sidebar menu Panel and Click on Business Info, then Start Verification.


Step 19: Upload your Business license, Certificate of Formation or Incorporation, Tax or VAT Registration Certificate and wait for Facebook’s update on your business verification.

Step 20: Next stage is submitting messenger for review. At the sidebar panel, Scroll down to Products, Click on Messenger and Click Settings… Scroll down to App review for messenger, Under Pages_messaging, Click on Add to Submission.
Step 21: Scroll down and click on add details
Step 22: Tick to agree to Facebook terms. Also, tick Send/respond to messages in Messenger automatically and Send/respond to comments or visitor posts for a Page automatically  as shown in the screenshot below.
Then select page. Fill the Test and reproduce the functionality of your integration  section using this ==> (CLICK HERE)
NB: Remember to customize.
Then upload the video you made as instructed in step23 and click on save.
Step 23: Go to your white-label dashboard and setup automation(three) using the keywords and replies below… After setting up the automation, go to your page, send a message using the command keyword to test if the automation is working.
Hi ==> [Hello firstname]
Info ==> [Check this out on google.(with a link to google)]
Help ==> [Please drop your message here and one of our team member will get back to you.]
NB: Make a video screen recording of step23 (as shown here ==> CLICK HERE) and upload as instructed in step22
Step 24: After setting up Automation from your Whitelabel dashboard, Click on Submit for Review
Step 25: Click on App preview and then select permission and features.
Step 26: Now, you will request for Facebook’s API for the features below;
Live Video API
and then click on Continue
Step 27: Click on the first Request; Tell us how you’ll use groups_access_member_info.
Step 28: Tick the checkbox to agree to Facebook’s permission and feature usage guidelines. On the next field, give a description about how you intend using that feature. On the next field, you select the platform you will use this feature on and demonstrate how it will work…
We already have a written out template for this section… just copy and paste it the way it is…Click Here to access it.

Step 29: Now, you will create a walk-through video showing how you intend using the feature you are requesting access to, upload the video and save…Facebook will watch this video and review your app based on what you show in the video.

See the video we did and use it as a template to create your own…Do your video exactly the way it is in our own using your whitelabel account…
Step 30: Now Repeat this step for the remaining features and Submit the same video every time… Finally, Click on Review and wait for Facebook’s update about your App.


Good news: Now You Can Sit Back & Relax While Our Team of Experts Take Care of Your White Label Setup & Facebook App Submission.

Visit https://getsocicake.com/dfy-whitelabel/


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