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Step 1. On your socicake dashboard, kindly click on influencer tool and you will be redirected to the influencer page, were you will choose from your list of social media account to find any influencer of your choice.

Step 2. On the influencer page, kindly select a social media account eg. instagram, twitter, facebook, and youtube and then enter  an influencer’s username or profile link in the textbox and click on search to search for an influencer.

Note: same steps should be applied on other social media accounts.

Step 3. By clicking on browse influencer, you can browse influencers that has already been searched by other users of the influencer tool.

Note: this applies to Instagram accounts only.

Step 4. After clicking on browse influencers you will be redirected to the browse  influencers page were you can browse various influencers by different criteria. for example you can browse an influencer by using Order by criteria as demonstrated in the screen shot below.

for better assessment and analysis, influencers can be sorted by order of the following.. Id, Username, Followers, Following, Uploads, and Average Engagement Rate.

Note: this applies to instagram account only.

Step 5. Sort Influencer by Bio by copy pasting infleuncers bio on the text box.

Note : this applies to instagram account only.

step 6. Filter influencers by number of followers: you can do this by selecting the specified number ranging from 500 to millions of followers, depending on your specification.

Note: this applies to instagram accounts only.

Step 7. filter Influencers by engagement: by selecting the ranges as shown in the screen shot below, Influencers will be arranged in the number of there engagement.

Note: this applies to instagram account only.

step 8. Add Influencer to favorite: You can add influencer by clicking on the icon as shown in the screenshot.

Step 9. Compare Influencers: By clicking on the compare button you will be redirected to a page where you will compare influencers by entering influencers username in the text input.

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