Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot

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Step 1: From the dashboard, click on Messenger Bot

Step 2: Click Activate Page

Step 3: Select any page you want to enable messenger, click Enable Bot and then click Ok


Step 4: Click on the option icon, click settings, enable all options under settings

Step 5: Click Automations


Step 6: Click Add Automation


Step 7: Select any automation type

Step 8: Enter Automation name, automation keywords, select first reply.

Step 9: You can add as many replies as you can, click Add More Reply


Step 10: After adding more replies, click Submit


Step 11: Under Messenger bot, Click Bot Template


Step 12: Click Create a new template

Step 13: enter template name, select a page, enter post back ID

Step 14: Select template type, enter a message, click add more reply to add more replies and then click submit


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