Messenger Followups

Messenger Followups

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To be able to use the drip campaigns, you must first request for permissions from facebook for each page you want the drip campaigns enabled.

It’s easy. let me show you how it works:

Visit your Facebook page and click on settings.


Click on Messenger Platform on the left panel.


Click on Jump to Advanced Messaging Features.


Click Request to request for subscription messagine approval.


Describe how your page will use the subscription messaging feature. Be as detailed as possible. I recommend you add 3 examples.

Save & Submit for review

Submit & Wait for Facebook team to manually review your request. Takes a few days.




Login to Socicake & click on Followups (Under Messenger Bot)


You see a list of all your bot activated pages.


Check Review Status: Check for the status of your subscription messaging permission.

Message sent log: View your sent messages and their status

Subscriber list: See the list of all your subscribers, the campaigns they are subscribed to . and  also manually add them to any existing campaigns


Followup  Campaign Manager

 This allows you to create and manage followup campaigns.

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