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Post Editor

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NB: The underline works across all mobile phones. But the other styles (bold and italics) works perfectly on desktop, iPhones and major Android phones. Users on some android devices may be able to view rich post correctly. The best Bold & Italics is for post and ads targeted at desktops and iphones.


Step 1: From the dashboard, click Post Editor

Step 2: Enter post content in the text area, customize the text to fit what you want and then click on Next button

Step 3: You can preview the post from this screen, you can also copy and paste the post directly to Facebook or click on Next to share the post as a normal post or CTA post

Step 4: Click normal post, now enter campaign name, select pages… inside this box here, press Ctrl V to past the post, you can schedule or post it now, click submit to post.


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