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Send to Messenger Plugin

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Step 1: Click on Create New


Step 2: Select a page, enter your preferred domain name, select language, choose a Call to Action button text and then click Plugin Setup


Step 3: Select plugin skin and size, click Opt-In-Setup


Step 4: You can select display a message on successful OPT-IN or Redirect to a web page, enter 


Step 5: Select 


Step 6: Copy embed code


Step 7: Now, paste the embed code into the header or footer of your HTML website or if your website is a WordPress website, login to your WordPress website, go to plugins, install and activate header and footer scrip


Step 8: From your WordPress dashboard, go to settings, click on header and footer script, paste the embed code you copied inside the header or footer box and then click on save changes.
Step 9: Now go to your website and refresh the page to see the Send to Messenger Plugin.

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